Outfit | Black is such a happy color

Those who have accompanied me on the blog, have been following for sure my growing love for black.


my BIRTHDAY wishlist

1. Camel coat 2. Scarves/Capes 3. Over-the-knee boots 4. Dark burgundy/dark red lipstick 5. Burgundy hat
My birthday is in ten days from today, so now you're able to understand why I'm posting this... The excitement is getting bigger and bigger! Maybe because my anniversary is in mid December, every year my wishlist is always related to Winter, cozy clothes and other essentials for this season. Here it is... my birthday wishlist!
E porque faltam apenas dez dias para o meu aniversário penso que já posso pensar na minha wishlist, não? Any way, estas são as peças que considero neste momento serem os essenciais para a estação de Inverno, logo, as mesmas que não podiam faltar na lista de desejos. Era isto e, para mim, o Inverno estava completo!